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What Is The Launch PAD?

The Launch Pad is a program designed to help people and communities become self-sufficient. Five participants are selected each year, by a team of coaches. Participants in the program are interviewed and selected based on a series of criteria. Once selected, the participants are mentored, given 12 months rent-free fully furnished housing, weekly classes, homework assignments and are required to actively participate in improving their new community. During the 12 months, each participant will be working towards their short-term goals established at the beginning of the program. Upon successful completion of The Launch Pad, the participants will graduate and a new set of participants will enter the program.

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Who Are The Coaches?

The Launch Pad coaches are a group of professionals working as a team. This team is called a "Giving Club". Each member of the giving club contributes his/her time, talents and resources. The giving club members consist of a real estate investor, an entrepreneur, an accountant, wellness and lifestyle coaches and a local pastor. This team of regular people combine their efforts to provide a foundation for five individuals to pursue their dreams and achieve sustainable success.


What Was Required To Successfully Launch The Program?

Years of planning, faith, dedicated hard work and a profound commitment to make the world a better place by taking action.

In 2009, a couple decided to purchase a property in a low income part of town. The property was in need of great repair, but the couple had a vision. They saw the property not as it was, but for what it could be. What they envisioned was a community where people’s lives were changed for the better. A place where children could play freely in the company of neighboring plants and gardens. In order to realize this vision, they had to commit time, energy and resources into the project, while maintaining full time jobs.

During the initial planning stages, faith was there most valuable resource. As they contemplated the cost and time needed to transform the property, they remembered how faith the size of a mustard seed could moves mountains. This small revelation allowed the couple to begin with the end in mind.

Hard work was the bloodline of the launch pad project, which flowed freely as water through the new plumbing. "Dedicated" hard work is what transformed holes in the walls, floors and ceilings into vibrant, freshly painted bedrooms, closets, kitchens and bath rooms. New windows allowed the sun to catch a sneak peak of the daily progress being made in each unit. While updated electrical systems gave new stoves, refrigerators, and light fixtures permission to perform their duties.

Finding coaches, interviewing participants, establishing schedules, setting agendas, and staying married was a profound commitment.

Taking action to make the world a better place is what was required to successfully launch the program.


How Does The Launch PAD Benefit The Community?

Here is how The Launch PAD benefits the community:

  • Uses Private Market Housing
  • Prevents Recidivism (return to homelessness)
  • Improves Client Outcomes
  • Leverages Existing Community Resources
  • Cost Effective – decrease in land abandoment
  • Real estate appreciation

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