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Noni Walker

Noni Walker
Wellness Coach

Noni Walker

Wellness Coach

“The power within is our greatest resource for health & wellness”

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I’ve always loved science and health! From tinkering around as a little girl pretending to mix chemicals in “labs” to joining summer programs in college to work in actual anatomy labs, most everything I’ve done in life has followed the path of wanting to help people get or feel better. I received a B.S. in Biology from Bethune-Cookman College (now University) in Daytona Beach, Florida and shortly after, received a Master’s Degree in Public Health, Health Services Management from the University of South Florida. I’ve lived in the Atlanta area for almost 10 years and I absolutely love it!

I’ve been extremely blessed to work with great people in achieving wonderful missions! My experience includes public speaking, community health education and outreach, and directing public health awareness initiatives. I’ve held positions within health and community outreach programs at Bethune-Cookman University, Spelman College, and the International Society on Hypertension in Blacks. For a little over six years, I’ve been fortunate to work at a national non-profit health organization. I implement national disease prevention initiatives by forming corporate and community partnerships, fundraising, and increasing awareness of prevention through educational activities, screenings, and public speaking. I also currently serve as the immediate past Board Chair of the Georgia Diabetes Coalition, working with leaders around the state to improve the quality of life for those with and affected by diabetes.

“It’s hard to talk the talk when you haven’t walked the walk”
I’ve gone through my own transformation over several years’ time. Having slimmed down 30 pounds and experiencing shifts in energy (negative to positive), I can attest to the fact that it takes more than trying to just eat healthy. It is a continuum:

∞ Wellness = Beliefs -> Actions -> Nurture Yourself -> Find Your Power -> Be Empowered

In 2011, my professional and personal journey led me to start The Walker Exchange, LLC as a health and wellness promotion company, based on several principles:

∞ We are meant to live healthy and happy lives
∞ The power within is our greatest resource for health & wellness
∞ Let go of negative energy, allow more room for infinite health in life
Believing that chronic un-ease causes dis-ease, I strive to help people make their reconnection between mind, body, and spirit!

My primary activity is public speaking, addressing audiences on that connection and providing practical and empowering tools to achieve higher levels of health and wellness. Through the Walker Exchange, I offer several “Exchanges” or presentations designed to bring your audience education, motivation, and inspiration on living well!

Let the tools that I bring to you from The Walker Exchange help you exchange negative and limiting stories, behaviors, and beliefs for infinite expansion of health and wellness in your life!

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